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Who doesn't love sake?


Fermented and filtered rice wine, clear as a country creek, sake can have a subtle taste -- but don't let that fool you: sake can pack a punch.

To toast springtime, Art of Ukiyo-e is proud to introduce seven fun sake prints, depicting everyone from a brave member of the 47 Ronin having a drink before battle, to a few young ladies who may have had a cup too many, even if those cups were really little. 


东海道五十三次之内 明治复刻
The 53 Stations of the Tokaido Meiji Reproductions

Art of Ukiyoe is proud to present this fascinating collection of Meiji-era reproductions of Hiroshige's legendary Hoeido Tokaido. These 1900-era woodblock prints are works of art in themselves. 



To celebrate the launch of my new website,, I’m giving away this lovely Kuniyoshi in a lottery. All you have to do is go to the website and send me an email. Put "Win the Print" in the subject line, and whatever you want in the body. If you'd share this on your In story, that would be great, too. The winning email will be chosen at random in one week. Good luck!

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