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Ohara: Swan & Reed

Ohara: Swan & Reed

小原古邨 Koson Ohara (1877-1945)



Swan & Reed



木版画 | 纵绘大判 | 38.4cm×25.5cm

Woodblock-print | Oban tata-e | 38.4cm×25.5cm



 Koson was a painter turned-print maker. He began designing prints in about 1905 after being encouraged by the curator of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. His speciality was kacho-e flower and bird pictures. Here, two swans glide along the surface of a dark pond. This print features beautiful embossed printing in the white of the swans' feathers. There is a minor flaw in one of the leaves, believed to be a result of the print process, but otherwise the condition is very good.



Mid-batch ; good impression; tipped on paper on the left edge