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Yoshitoshi: Heroes of the Modern Era

Yoshitoshi: Heroes of the Modern Era

月岡芳年 Tsukioka Yoshitoshi(1839-1892)


近世侠义传 水岛嘉门

Heroes of the Modern Era



木版画 | 纵绘大判 | 34.3cm×23.8cm

Woodblock-print | Oban-tate-e | 34.3cm×23.8cm



Yoshitoshi, one of the last great Ukiyo-e artists, was especially strong at history, warrior and war prints. Here is a great example from one of his “Bloody Print” series, which painted when he was 27. This series shows leading figures in a violent feud between two gambling rings in Shimôsa province (now part of Chiba prefecture) in 1849, led by Iioka Sukegorô and Hanzô. These anti-establishment figures were hugely popular.



Excellent impression, strong color; backing.