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Kuniyoshi: Shohei, Sixteen Female Sennin, Charming Creatures
  • Kuniyoshi: Shohei, Sixteen Female Sennin, Charming Creatures

    歌川國芳 Utagawa Kuniyoshi(1798-1861)


    艳姿十六女仙 初平

    Shohei, from the series of Sixteen Female Sennin, Charming Creatures




    木版画|纵绘大判|35.8cm x 24.2cm

    Woodblock-print|Oban tate-e|35.8cm x 24.2cm


    国芳这个美人画系列将16位美丽女子与16位神仙进行配对。上图中的神仙是 「初平」,又称 「黄大仙」,黄大仙他擅长炼丹知医术,得道之后在民间惩恶劝善,有求必应,深受民众喜爱。图中的女性内着格子图案的和服,正准备披上一件竖条纹和服外套,貌似有些惊讶地看着在画面左下方处,一只正默默躲在角落吃东西的黑白相间的小猫咪。没错,这幅画里国芳再次添加了他最爱的元素——猫。

    The series of beautiful women (bijin) prints by Kuniyoshi paired 16 women with 16 gods. In this example, the god in the in-set is "Chu Ping," also known as "Huang Daxian." Huang Daxian was skilled at alchemy and medicine. The woman is wearing a kimono with a plaid pattern and is about to put on a vertical striped kimono jacket, but she appears to have been surprised by a black-and-white kitten eating food in the lower left corner. That's right, Kuniyoshi once again added his favorite animal - a cat.



    Slightly trimmed; very faint centre line; backed