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Hiroshige: Yoshiwara, Upright Tokaido
  • Hiroshige: Yoshiwara, Upright Tokaido

    歌川広重 Utagawa Hiroshige(1797-1858)


    五十三次名所图会 东海道

    Yoshiwara from the series of Pictures of Famous Places of the 53 Station(Upright Tokaido)




    木版画 | 纵绘大判 | 38.0cm x 25.5cm

    Woodblock-print | Oban tate-e | 38.0cm x 25.5cm



    One of the strongest designs from this series, with a majestic Fuji-san towering over fishermen in the reeds. Featured as the cover image of  “Mount Fuji: Sacred Mountain of Japan.”



    Excellent condition with rich color and full margins. One minor scuff mark on righthand border.