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Hiroshige: Fujikawa, Famous Places of the 53 Stations
  • Hiroshige: Fujikawa, Famous Places of the 53 Stations

    歌川広重 Utagawa Hiroshige(1797-1858)


    五十六次名所图绘  藤川 山中里旧名宫路山

    Fujikawa, from the series of Pictures of Famous Places of the 53 Stations




    木版画 | 纵绘大判 | 36cm x 25cm

    Woodblock-print | Oban tate-e | 36cm x 25cm


    More than half-way to Kyoto from Edo, we come into the 38th "station," the mountain village of Fujikawa. This is one of the best designs in the Upright Tokaido series and, interestingly, considering how famous Hiroshige was for snow scenes, one of only two designs in the series that features snow. (The other is Numazu, the 13th station.) But oh how evocative it is here!  It is dark night and the last travellers of the day are coming into town, including one on horseback, which was unusual. The inns and teahouses of the town are arranged in a neat line, and Hiroshige uses this vertical design to accentuate the slope of the road and the distance between the foreground, midground and background. Hiroshige clearly enjoyed experimenting with perspective in the new tate-e format, and used previous designs as inspiration. For example, this design is very similar to Fuijikawa in the Kyoka Tokaido -- even with the same figure on horseback.



    Great condition