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Hiroshige: Hodogaya, Upright Tokaido
  • Hiroshige: Hodogaya, Upright Tokaido

    歌川広重 Utagawa Hiroshige(1797-1858)


    五十三次名所图会 五 程谷

    Hodogaya, station No. 5 from the series of Pictures of Famous Places of the 53 Station(Upright Tokaido)




    木版画|纵绘大判|35.5cm x 25cm

    Woodblock print|Oban tate-e|35.5cm x 25cm



    It's a chilly night, the fields are barren, but travelers warm themselves at a little teahouse. This station marks the end of the first day of foot travel between Edo and Kyoto. There is something wonderful in this example: look closely at the seated travelers and the lanterns. The wood carver has skilfully evoked the reflection of the irori firepit that you cannot see. This is one of the first series in which Hiroshige turned his landscape compositions on their sides, creating vertical designs. It allowed him to accentuate perspective and Japan's dramatic topography.



    Strong color; full margins; some binding holes